Good Life Wife 11/12

‘It’s going to be like trying to get a condom on a whale!’ Foodie is cheerily surveying the metallic ribcage of a ten metre long polytunnel frame. It has been reassembled after he bundled off his unsuspecting mum to help Read more »


The British, regrettably, have an awkward relationship with Spanish charcuterie. We demonstrate a gulf of misunderstanding that matches that of our most notorious Torquay hotelier to his eager Spanish waiter, a relationship that played out on our screens at the Read more »

Romy Fraser

T.S. Elliot maintained that ‘April is the cruellest month.’ This year it was plain crazy, setting the record as the wettest April for 125 years while we were also officially in drought. When the deluge finally abated and the arks Read more »

Good Life Wife 07/12

The local pre-school is a treasured place where Groovy Youngest goes to play and learn—and give me a break from the Vale’s chattiest four-year-old philosophising naturalist. “Mummy this is what a flower looks like when it closes up ALL its Read more »

Good Life Wife

Reader, I’m marrying him. Since moving to Dorset we have home-grown a free range ring-bearer each plus one bridesmaid. In the first year of our thirteen together without a drama, crisis or major distraction, we are sailing away with them, our mums and two old friends to the land where the Bong-tree grows for a wedding-moon.

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The Carrot Crunch

Whilst some may battle with a triffid-like harvest of weeds and vegetables, Simon Ford emerges unscathed from his vegetable garden and wonders how the economic downturn is affecting those that pioneered the sale of local veg. Anyone who grows veg Read more »