Thursday, June 30, 2022
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A selection of articles about local food producers, retailers, chefs and those supporting the local food and farming industry.

Rural Revolution by Owen Day

It is increasingly clear that the industrialisation and intensification of farming in the UK have caused huge damage to our wildlife, soils and rivers. ...

Good Life Wife

Modern mid-life man has dreams. He has fantasies. For some it is still the perfect car but for an increasing number it’s the perfect porker – they lust over Readers’ Piglets rather than Meno-Porsche Monthly. My other half, Foodie, is a confirmed porco-phile and shows absolutely no enthusiasm for cars until we move from central London to deep Dorset at which point he develops a sudden, late-entry need to motor.

People in Food – Anita de Greeff

Every April and May, near the traffic lights in Bridport town centre a lady can be spied wearing a large brown hat, stood behind...

Pig Snout and Slack-ma-Girdle

Over the last hundred or so years Dorset has not been considered one of the cider counties like Devon, Somerset and Hereford, but there...

People in Food – Giuseppe Bosi

As his name suggests, Giuseppe Bosi, owner, with his wife Suzanne, of Gelateria Beppino in Bridport, has roots in Italy. But, he is, in...

People in Food – Primrose Matheson

Owner and creator of Primrose’s Kitchen, Primrose Matheson lives her life by the philosophy behind her range of organic, vegan and gluten-free muesli and...

Around the Vale

Filmmaker Lawrence Moore has made a new film celebrating the history, landscape and the people of the Marshwood Vale. He talked to Fergus Byrne. A...

Tamasin Day-Lewis

Dark days dishes. The time has come round again. The West-country word ‘dimpse’ is so onomatopoeically apt at this time of year, when the light leaks away so early, so abruptly, and all we can do to counter light-lustrelessness is cook hearty, gutsy, bright, light citrussy dishes and pretend. Pretend that we are in the scented orange grove that fills the kitchen when we make Seville orange marmalade or a steamed pudding dripping with an ointment of lemon, orange or lime-curd. And pretend good intention after the excesses and overkill of Christmas despite the fact that we tend to fail resolutions well before we admit we are defeated, that we have cheated.

I won’t eat puddings in January, I’ll give up drink, I won’t eat cream.

Sensible Revolution

Well, we’re over the hump. It’s July and 2020 has not failed us so far when it comes to the bonkers and ridiculous. We...

Good Life Wife

Reader, I’m marrying him. Since moving to Dorset we have home-grown a free range ring-bearer each plus one bridesmaid. In the first year of our thirteen together without a drama, crisis or major distraction, we are sailing away with them, our mums and two old friends to the land where the Bong-tree grows for a wedding-moon.

Sheila Dillon

I hadn’t bargained for the reaction I had when I spoke to Sheila Dillon to arrange a meeting; I almost dropped the phone. Presenting...

Tyskie and Pierogis

Big things come in small packages, an aphorism as true for gifts as it is for the diminutive Polish Delicatessen in Weymouth. Located opposite the train station, the Tardis-like shop sells thousands of Polish foods and drinks in an area the size of a large living room, and though a visit to the shop may not be the same as going to Poland, it is certainly the next best thing.