Young Lit Fix

Wonderfully Wired Brains: An introduction to the world of neurodiversity

By Louise Gooding Illustrated by Ruth Burrows
Published by Dorling Kindersly £12.99 Hardback
Reviewed by Nicky Mathewson

What do you know about your brain and how it works? Have you ever stopped to think about how it is the source of all the things you do, think and say?
This is a beautifully illustrated and easy to read guide to understanding your brain, how it works and how it might function differently to someone else’s brain. Louise Gooding tells us about the brain basics, the three main parts of the brain and their functions. They are easy to understand descriptions partnered with bright and clear illustrations and diagrams. She looks at how chemicals and hormones affect our emotions and our response to external stimuli.
Once the general outline of the brain is complete, Louise gives it some context by talking about the diversity of brains and the diversity of people. She talks about Dyslexia, ADHD, Anxiety, Processing Disorders, Sleep disorders, Tics, OCD, Seizures and Epilepsy, Synesthesia, Dyspraxia, Autism and masking. She includes a Neurodiversity time line which includes brilliant brains throughout history and then finishes with some contemporary people from different backgrounds with wonderfully wired brains and what they have achieved.
This book is absolutely fabulous and much needed in our modern world. It provides children and adults with the language needed to identify differences with positivity and promotes inclusion in a really fun way.
You do not have to be neurodivergent to enjoy this book, it is perfect for everyone! Especially those aged 7-9