Ros Nelmes

Chiropractor by day, gin maker by night, Ros Nelmes started Fordington Gin with her husband Colin, distilling batches of gin on their kitchen table top. She was inspired by a Conker gin tasting she attended in Bridport a few years ago and decided to give it a go herself. Fordington Gin is named after the area they live in, just outside Dorchester and is the result of many a tasting party with friends. The outcome is a smooth, delicious gin with flavours of star anise, lemon balm, mint, wormwood, juniper and coriander.
Working three days a week in Blandford as a Chiropractor; Ros’s career for over 20 years now, she has four days a week to work on the gin business. She comes up with the magic – the making of the gin, marketing, sales and admin. Colin runs the logistics, delivering gin round the county, to pubs, bars, farm shops, wine shops, independent delis and restaurants. As an Animal Chiropractor he is on the road anyway, so his role in the business ties in nicely. Ros is the face of Fordington Gin, also doing talks, birthday parties, tea parties with a twist, charity events, food fairs and fetes too.
In addition to the standard Fordington gin there is also Gurt Lush, a new gin they have brought out. At 50% ABV proof it’s not for the faint-hearted, but Ros confirms it is a complete triumph and something everyone who enjoys gin should try. Now with a dedicated converted stable found at the bottom of their garden, Ros has a purpose-built gin-making emporium. She can now produce even more batches of her tipple, as she tries to meet the growing demand. Local, award-winning producers are also using her gin. MaBolton, producer of allergy-friendly artisan baked goods, preserves and syrups uses Fordington Gin to make her Marma’gin marmalade. And gelato makers Baboo have made a Fordington Sorbet.
A stickler for making everything from scratch, Ros likes to know what she is eating, and cooks pretty much every night, usually with a gin and tonic in hand. Her chickens in the garden cluck away as she busies herself, preparing the evening’s meal, catching up on emails and tinkering around with syrups, concocting new flavour combinations for even more gin tastings. Lucky friends!