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Luke Hayter

Leaping out of bed, the first thing Luke Hayter does in the morning is yoga, limbering up for a full day of activity at the Fitness Hub. This ball of fitness energy left Bridport Leisure Centre over a year ago to set up his own fitness enterprise, which has been a roaring success. Based at the Bridport Football club house, Luke’s core business started with the provision of Cardiac Rehab, in partnership with the NHS, getting people moving again after heart health problems. From there he got going with evening fitness classes and has also introduced a mother and baby class where mums can exercise while their baby is in a separate minded area.

Exploding onto Bridport’s social media networks Luke can easily be found, offering up fitness tips online as well as promoting himself through free fitness classes held sporadically on a Saturday morning. All this activity has created a buzz around this self-motivated fitness trainer, and with justifiable results and increasing followers, it seems Luke’s vision of his own studio one day is not too far away.

Living in Bothenhampton, Luke has a cockapoo called Murphy, who enjoys going on holiday with his sister Missy, owned by Luke’s parents. Saving his weekends for time off work, Luke enjoys going down the gym on Saturday afternoons, working with weights and chatting with friends. Sundays are reserved for adventure; activities like Air Hop, Paint Balling, Go-Karting, rock climbing—Luke is not a fan of sitting still, so it’s lucky his girlfriend isn’t either.

Cooking for himself most evenings when he gets home, Luke is effusive about healthy eating …and fajitas and burritos. Such is his devotion, Luke has arranged for Mexican street food specialists, A Fist Full of Tacos,  to deliver pre-ordered burritos to his last class on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. What further encouragement do we need to attend?

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