Up Front 05/04

Although I can’t say I salivate at the prospect of a trip to the bottle bank, I have occasionally returned with renewed enthusiasm for the world around me. On my last visit I couldn’t ignore a conversation between a local environmental campaigner and a woman with a strong Glaswegian accent.

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Jack Banfield

Jack Banfield was born at Brimley in the parish of Hawkchurch, Devon, in 1912. He is the village’s oldest native resident. Jack’s earliest memories go back to the start of the Great War, (1914-18) when his father’s horse and wagon Read more »

Flora Wellbeloved

Flora (Flo) was a child of the 70s. From the age of three, she and her younger sister lived in the village of Thorncombe on the border between Dorset and Devon. Many of her childhood memories are of her mother’s Read more »

Up Front 04/04

City & Guilds, the UK’s leading awarding body for work related, vocational qualifications, recently announced the findings of a piece of research on what was called the ‘Happiness Index’. Compiled to track the satisfaction of the country’s workforce, the research has come up with some interesting findings.

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Niki McCretton

Born in Germany, Niki’s early years were spent in Devon before moving to Somerset. In her arts career Niki has directed, choreographed, written, taught, managed the Tacchi Morris Centre near Taunton and been Press and Publicity Officer for the Chard Read more »

Up Front 02/04

The story of campaigning pensioner Albert Venison has made many headlines recently. His efforts to make the Government understand the plight of pensioners who are asked to absorb council tax increases far in excess of inflation, has resulted in much media attention.

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Rose Dennison

Rose Dennison farms 260 acres at Pulham, Dorset, with her son John. They run a 120-cow dairy, grow organic vegetables, and produce organic free-range eggs, selling locally through a box-scheme. Long-term members of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme, the Dennisons’ farm Read more »

Molly Chesil

Molly Chesil was born within a stone’s throw of Chesil beach. She has lived in Dorset ever since and has a great appreciation of its countryside. Currently, she is working for her A levels, is particularly enjoying the psychology course Read more »