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In the Shadow of the Wolf Queen
By Kiran Millwood Hargrave
Published by Orion/Hachette £14.99 Hardback
Reviewed by Nicky Mathewson

There is a powerful magic within the earth, connected by lines of energy criss-crossing the land. They are channels full of Gifted people. The magic within the earth is marked with henges and stone circles where the lines intersect and become most powerful and they have a direct link to The End-World Wood. Legend has it there is a powerful girl dwelling in this wood; an ancient girl: The Anchorite.
In a quiet settlement in an old wood lives Ysolda and her older sister Hari. Ysolda’s only real companion beside her sister is Nara, a sea hawk who she rescued as a chick years ago. Their bond is tight much like the bond Hari has with nature. She is one of the Gifted. She has the ability to listen to trees and her connection to the earth and the power within it, is one that Ysolda covets.
Hari’s power is also coveted by The Wolf Queen, a crusading ruler who is eating up the land in her quest to find The Anchorite. Ysolda doesn’t believe the ancient girl exists but after being captured by the queen, pretends to know of her location in order to avoid death.
The Queen isn’t the only one trying to find The Anchorite and time is running out for Ysolda, who has become the queen’s navigator, to lead the queen to The End-World Wood.
What is the Wolf Queen’s ultimate goal? To become The geomancer; “a vessel for the spirit world. Someone who can control the entirety of the earth-magic.”
Is Ysolda leading the world to destruction or could The Geomancer be its saviour?
The first part in a new trilogy from Kiran Millwood Hargrave who is a master fantasy world builder. This is the beginning of an epic adventure and I loved it!

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