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Toby Horne

If it hadn’t been for Toby’s mum he wouldn’t be Operations Director at Beehive Self Storage and Beehive Toy Factory. Nine years ago, Richard Stone, the owner of Beehive received a phone call from a very persistent lady, who had seen an advert for a job vacancy at his company in the local paper. She would not let him put the phone down until he had agreed to see her son. Since then Toby has proved himself to be invaluable, working his way up from answering the phones to Director this year.

Toby is in charge of the day to day running of Beehive Storage Solutions. There are three sites across Dorset and Somerset, with the head office at Lopen. This is where Toby is based, managing staff, helping with enquiries on site or from the other two locations, looking after marketing, advertising and general operations.

However, this year Toby has also been instrumental in helping set up a toy business; the Beehive Toy Factory. He was given the task of thinking of a business that could run alongside the storage facility, something the staff could help with during quieter moments during the day when the storage business was not so demanding of their time. Toby thought of an online shop, which he could design and manage. Richard had always wanted to get into the toy business and so the green light was given.

Now Toby has travelled a couple of times to China to make contacts and source toys, using staff in Lopen to hand pack and send the orders out. They are continuously expanding their stock, selling high quality wooden toys, baby toys, soft toys and baby bikes, all proving very popular. Toby is determined to make the next chapter in his career working for Beehive a success, still grateful to his mum for that initial phone call.

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