Six at the Flix

The Electric Palace, Bridport
Wicked Little Letters (2023)

“Gleefully sweary script and a competent ensemble of British comedy’s finest” Ellen E Jones, The Guardian.

The Electric Palace
Monkey Man (2024)

“There’s an undeniable passion here that comes through in a genre that too often feels like it came off an assembly line.” Roger Ebert

Cruella (2021)

“What could have been a mere IP cash-in instead becomes an unexpectedly cinematic crime-and-couture romp, delivered with the sort of style, snarl and eccentricity that Cruella herself would likely applaud. She makes being bad look very good.” Empire

Dark Waters (2019)

“a strong and involving, though understated, example of this dying breed of film, resonating with present-day feelings of hopelessness at the brazen corruption on display every day in the United States” Roger Ebert

The Plaza, Dorchester
The Fall Guy (2024)

“The Fall Guy is funny, it’s sexy, and it features the boy toy version of ‘Barbie’ MVP Ryan Gosling — which is to say, this time around, he embodies the ultimate action figure.” Variety

Apple TV
First Cow (2019)

“A picture that’s both tranquil and dazzling, two qualities that should be at odds with one another yet somehow bloom in tandem under Reichardt’s gentle touch.” Stephanie Zacharek of Time Magazine