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EditorialsUpFront 09/21

UpFront 09/21

The general reluctance to happily pronounce that things are getting back to normal is not in the least bit surprising. While we all have fingers crossed for a recovery of sorts, it seems more likely that a new normal is on the horizon for most of us—and that’s something we may just have to get used to. In the meantime, in this magazine we will carry on highlighting the people, the places, the events, initiatives and the businesses in and around West Dorset, South Somerset and East Devon. In this issue there is certainly a lot to talk about. Margery Hookings has been looking at how ‘Talking Tent’, an initiative originally scheduled to take place last year to help celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, has reinvented itself to survive. Described as opening conversations about relationships to landscape and celebrating seasonal customs in families, fields and in local communities, Talking Tent should offer intriguing insights into our attitude to the world around us. That is something that is also evident in Lawrence Moore’s film The Vale which is being shown at Bridport Arts Centre in September. A long way from Jeremy Clarkson’s farming life, The Vale features Lawrence’s own drone footage and interviews with many of those living in the area. His film offers a bird’s eye view of the community that has grown and developed around the Marshwood Vale. Stories of people and landscape continue as Jess Morency talks to Ambra Edwards about her extraordinary book The Plant Hunters Atlas. Ambra says ‘gardens are stories’ and describes them as theatre but with so many other dimensions. She says that garden history tells you what people believe in. And for an extra dimension in storytelling visit our website to hear Seth Dellow’s latest audio interview, this time with artist Angela Charles. Registered blind three years ago, Angela’s story is fascinating. And don’t forget to check out events this month, especially on Portland where unique festivals are sure to create their own new stories. And make a date to see Luke Jerram’s installation at Symondsbury. This month there are lots of opportunities to make wonderful new memories.

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