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EditorialsUpFront 08/21

UpFront 08/21

There was a time when August felt like a quiet month because so many people went on holiday. But this year feels different. Despite reservations regarding large crowds and growing infection rates, there is a general feeling that it may be a busy month and there are many local events highlighted on these pages. Fingers crossed that what is scheduled is not derailed by more upheaval. As well as activities and entertainment in this issue, there are also many contributions that offer food for thought. In our cover story, Wolfgang Grulke mentions the fact that most of us have little perspective on how long there has been life on this planet. He says that many people guess at between one thousand and one million years, but the truth is it’s around 3.5 billion years! That’s an enormous figure to comprehend. Wolfgang talks about his fossil collection and how it is a result of his ‘unending curiosity’ and his constant wonder at the world around him. One imagines that he might have been that little boy in the back of the car who couldn’t stop asking ‘why?’—such fun in one of those traffic jams that Humphrey Walwyn talks about on page 27. But the end result is a fascination for all things, as well as an understanding that intrigue and curiosity are the drivers of learning. His is an inspiring story of an extraordinary capacity to consume information. That same drive to learn and to make a difference is what helped Clive Myrie into his role as a BBC TV News reporter and presenter. In an audio interview featured on our website and highlighted on page 10, Clive talks about the road that brought him from Westcountry reporting to asking the questions on Mastermind. Wildflowers are prominent this month also, with Philip Strange telling us about a wonderful walk around Powerstock Common, while Peter Vojak offers ideas on how to bring wildflowers closer to home. And on the wider question of environment, Andrew Carey highlights the work of Dorset CAN on page 37. We also feature the launch of Leonie Prater’s first album on page 44. So, whether it’s a quiet or a hectic month for you, there is certainly plenty to enjoy amongst these pages.

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