Tyskie and Pierogis

Big things come in small packages, an aphorism as true for gifts as it is for the diminutive Polish Delicatessen in Weymouth. Located opposite the train station, the Tardis-like shop sells thousands of Polish foods and drinks in an area the size of a large living room, and though a visit to the shop may not be the same as going to Poland, it is certainly the next best thing.

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The Bread Line

Nominated for another BAFTA for his documentary, Coppers, Simon Ford turns his attention to our daily bread. We are undergoing a quiet revolution in our bread eating habits. Some of us are beginning to cast off the tyranny of the Read more »

Tamasin Day-Lewis

June is the start of it. That endless blue sky, long-light, lazy-lunch feel that carries us through the summer and the holidays and puts us in mind of al fresco picnics, garden lunches, rugs and showers and easy food where the temperature of the food is less important and critical than the temperature outside. That peculiarly British thing of braving the breeze and the cloud on the horizon and taking food outside no matter what.

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Simon Emmerson

“Apparently the Chinese invented sweet and sour cooking for the English dockers because they liked their food really sweet and chicken tikka masala was invented when someone poured a can of tomato soup over some curried chicken. Billy Bragg’s song Read more »

Sheila Dillon

I hadn’t bargained for the reaction I had when I spoke to Sheila Dillon to arrange a meeting; I almost dropped the phone. Presenting Radio 4’s The Food Programme, Sheila’s voice has been the kitchen companion to the preparation of Read more »

Robbie McIntosh

“My Dad loved music, especially jazz, although his interest kind of stopped at bebop. He loved Oscar Peterson, Bennie Goodman, Fats Waller, people like that; Mum taught me to widen my taste in music, and encouraged me to take my playing seriously. I have two sisters, one eight years older than me, and one ten years, and I think they really got me going with music. Being that bit older than me, they were into the Beatles, who they’d seen play in 1963, the Stones, and Bob Dylan of course. They had loads of Bob Dylan records. We lived in south London, although I was born in Sutton, Surrey, and brought up in Merton. You couldn’t say I had any musical influences from where I was brought up – if it had been Brixton I’d have been into reggae perhaps – it all came from the Dansette record player really, one you could put a whole stack of singles on.

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