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The Young Lit Fix

Nature Trail by Benjamin Zephaniah
Illustrated by Nila Aye
Published by Orchard Books/Hachette
£6.99 Board Book Reviewed by Nicky Mathewson

A joyful rhyming celebration of the natural wonders on our doorstep.
This book begins with the most inviting, colourful cover, inside and out. Adorned with leaves, flowers, winding branches and friendly little bugs, it is instantly enchanting. A hard wearing board book makes it perfect for little hands for a first delve into the nature that is close to home.
The simple yet profound poem is a classic piece of Benjamin Zephania fun and it really highlights the wildness of a garden. There are plants, mushrooms, insects and bees, mammals, frogs and children, night and day, all beautifully illustrated by Nila Aye. It’s full of colour and I adore it. It would make the perfect edition to any toddler’s bedtime reading pile and is a joy to read out loud.
Suitable to read to newborns and keep throughout childhood. Perfect for 2-4 year olds. Also Available in paperback format.

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