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ReviewsThe Young Lit Fix

The Young Lit Fix

The Snow Girl by Sophie Anderson
Illustrated by Melissa Castrillon
Published by Usborne £12.99 Hardback
Reviewed by Nicky Mathewson

Tasha and her parents have moved from their coastal home to live on Grandpa’s farm in the valley. He is getting old and has become ill so can no longer manage on his own. Winter is approaching so he has asked the family for help and they are more than happy to assist, especially Tasha who loves spending time with Grandpa and has good reason to move away from her old life. She becomes reclusive on the farm however, and is scared of making new friends. Damaged from her past experiences, she is reluctant to trust people beyond her family, but she is ever so lonely.
After hearing one of Grandpa’s stories about a girl made of snow who magically comes to life, she and he build one of their own. Secretly, Tasha makes a desperate wish for a new friend and the snow girl comes to life, her name is Alyana, her ice blue eyes sparkle in the moonlight and she has magic at her fingertips. Tasha risks her life venturing out every night in the depths of winter just to spend time with her new friend and she doesn’t want the magic to end. The consequences of her actions ripple through the valley causing spring to be delayed. Can she let go of her past and start to trust again in order to save grandpa and save the valley?
This is a wonderful wintery adventure based on traditional folk tales which is what Sophie Anderson is best known for. She weaves magic into every story and pulls you in with rich characters and landscapes. I loved it and think it is a perfect seasonal story for confident readers age 8+.

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