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The Deadlands: Hunted
by Skye Melki-Wegner
Published by Walker Books, RRP £7.99
Reviewed by Antonia Squire

When the Fallen Star hit the world thousands of dinosaurs perished in an instant. Millions more starved to death in the aftermath of the disaster. But for those that survived, they started to change. “Their minds grew alert, rich with songs and thoughts and language. They learned to speak. To dream. To share their stories. To trade resources and form alliances. To wage war.”

The Mountain Kingdom and The Prairie Alliance have been at war for generations. Young Oryctodromeus, Eleri, knows that the group of Triceratops in The Mountain Kingdom are a grave threat to his tribe, but he cannot help but warn them when a Pterosaur prepares to attack.
No good deed goes unpunished and Eleri is exiled for treason. Forced into The Deadlands he must evade carnivores and try to find food and shelter. There he meets Tortha, an angry and distrustful young Triceratops—one of the invaders of Eleri’s homeland who has been exiled for disobeying a direct order—killing Eleri. Together Eleri and Tortha discover that the carnivores are not just wild beasts, as they have always been taught, but an organised and dangerous army bent on the destruction of The Mountain Kingdom and The Prairie Alliance. Along the way the two meet other exiles, a Sauropod named Lerithon and an Ankylosaur named Sorielle.
With each exile bringing a special skill to their arrangement, can these ‘Natural’ enemies work together to save their homes and families?
The first in a series, Hunted is a brilliant dinosaur adventure, perfect for fans of Warrior Cats.

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