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“Dr Morley absolutely loves jellyfish. All her life she has been fascinated by the idea of finding a jellyfish which everyone talks about but no one has ever seen: the giant Arctic jellyfish.”
In this new picture book by illustrator Chloe Savage, we join Dr Morley on her expedition to the North Pole in search of the giant Arctic jellyfish.
There is a map of the Arctic Circle, expedition kit and gorgeous double page spreads of cross sections of their vessel, in which we see the crew on board in various rooms doing various activities.
There is a sense of busyness on board which contrasts with the calm depths of the ocean. The journey reveals many northern delights and we are treated to Orcas, Narwhals, Belugas and even the Aurora Borealis. The jellyfish however, is proving to be very illusive, but who is that watching, hiding between icebergs?
Could it be…
Everything about this book from the quality of the paper to the colour palette, is sumptuous. The rich sea blues and greens contrast against the red sea vessel and the crew’s red jumpers. Chloe’s illustration is exquisite, atmospheric and fun, and the story is completely charming.
This magical new picture book is a perfect winter read for children age 4+.

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