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GardeningVegetables in November - 2014

Vegetables in November – 2014

Every year is different. It has been fabulous for humans, and twice as productive as normal for most vegetables.  We have been frantically looking for new recipes to cope with the flood of heat lovers such as French beans and courgettes.

So what is coming this winter.  There are always scare stories of a cold winter, but no-one knows yet.  For this reason we tend to make similar plans and plantings each year. Depending on the winter, it may not be too late to plant garlic and over wintering onion sets this month, as well as Aquadulce broad beans if the soil is not too waterlogged.

Most crops have grown large, such as winter cabbage which were not watered at all, and celeriac, which were planted deliberately near my water butt for lavish watering. The welcome warm Autumn means we also have plenty of salad in the polytunnel.

And why are all football pitches so soggy? Because the players are always dribbling.

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