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A selection of articles about local food producers, retailers, chefs and those supporting the local food and farming industry.

Tamasin Day-Lewis

You can almost see my courgettes grow. Maybe not quite as impressively as the 9 inches a day I was once told an asparagus spear can push aside soil and stone to launch itself on to your plate, but enough to make me head for the garden through the summer and way into autumn, right up to the first opportunistic killer of a frost, with a sense of pride, anticipation and always, despite its continuously generous-natured bounty and reliability, surprise.


Known for his campaigning approach to making films that tell it like it really is, with programmes as diverse as Jamie Oliver’s American Road...

Richard Bertinet

Richard Bertinet may prove to be a great advertisement for the boy scouts. One of the first nuggets of wisdom he passes on to...

Joanne Francis

Ever since man first learned to communicate, passion has been a source of huge inspiration – powerful emotions have compelled human beings to reach...

Good Life Wife

Moving from the city to the country to live the smallholding dream is not always all it’s cracked up to be – especially for the less obsessed partner of the Foodie in the family. Telling it like it is, Good Life Wife watches Foodie get broody.