Up Front 11/03

Students at the University of Exeter played a role in a piece of research recently that earned the researcher a Queen’s Prize. The prize, an annual award established in 1965 by Queen Elizabeth II, for research excellence in the field of English studies, went to Ruth-Maria Roth, a student of English language and literature at the University of Bonn.

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Patience Budden

Patience Budden, was born in Ghana and has lived in England for nearly 20 years – 7 in East Devon.  She is a student at Southampton University, studying Nursing, and planning to study Midwifery. Her interests are gardening, cooking, walking Read more »

Angus Carmichael

Angus Carmichael was first drawn to Dorset 33 yrs ago as a boy and never got away. He still loves it, along with its surviving character. “Let the bells ring,” he says. He’s always loved the outdoors and making things, Read more »

Up Front 07/03

Summer is here. There are burnt bits everywhere and open gardens, outdoor music, fetes and country fairs will be teasing people out to sample the culture of the Jurassic coast and countryside.
However, if you’re thinking of missing out on all the local entertainment on offer by watching tennis, you may want to take heed of a recent piece of advice from University of Greenwich scientists.

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Up Front 06/03

Just prior to the war in Iraq I bumped into a real life conspiracy theorist who was suffering from a cold and kept referring to the current Prime Minister as ‘old Toady’. By an extraordinary coincidence I found myself sitting next to him on a train recently, where he both entertained and frightened me with his latest theories.

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