Andrew Dickson

Andrew Dickson’s music is not immediately synonymous with pantomime. However, he has just finished work as the musical director on Aladdin. Unusual, you may think for an award-winning composer who is famous for his collaboration with innovative filmmaker Mike Leigh. Read more »

Beresford Pealing

Life started at Wandsworth Maternity Hospital 1932. Because I was born with blue eyes, my mother decided I was to be a sailor and called me Beresford, the then Admiral of the Fleet being one, Sir Something Beresford. My eyes Read more »

Peter Park

Peter Park was born and grew up in Devon. Here he developed a particular fondness for the English countryside and heritage. However, after graduating in Landscape Architecture from Leeds Metropolitan University, he travelled to Asia where he lived and worked Read more »

Up Front 12/04

There is never a shortage of stories about protesters in the news. Recent reports include a hunt protester who was taken to hospital after a clash at a meet on Dartmoor; students in Taunton staged a protest at plans to shorten their lunch hour and fire fighters gathered in Devon to protest against plans to build a regional control room.

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Mila Oshin

Mila Oshin, Dutch by birth, is a relative newcomer to the West Country. She and her husband, Kris Jager, recently moved here in fulfilment of the musician’s dream that had attracted them both independently to London nearly a decade ago. Read more »