Up Front 07/12

I bought myself a copy of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid a while ago, and though it now seems a bit dated I remembered why I had liked it so much when it first came out. There were some great one-liners, such as Butch’s, ‘you crazy—the fall’ll probably kill ya!’ when Sundance admits he can’t swim, and ‘If he’d just pay me what he’s spending to make me stop robbing him, I’d stop robbing him!’.

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Romy Fraser

T.S. Elliot maintained that ‘April is the cruellest month.’ This year it was plain crazy, setting the record as the wettest April for 125 years while we were also officially in drought. When the deluge finally abated and the arks Read more »

Good Life Wife 07/12

The local pre-school is a treasured place where Groovy Youngest goes to play and learn—and give me a break from the Vale’s chattiest four-year-old philosophising naturalist. “Mummy this is what a flower looks like when it closes up ALL its Read more »