Miles Bell

“I was born in Wimbledon, in 1948, so I was a suburban child. My upbringing was very conventional; I went to a minor public school, and left it with no clear idea of what I wanted to do, as long as it was something to do with the arts side of things because that was what I’d concentrated on, and enjoyed, at school. I think my parents were fairly desperate to get me into “the professions”. My father had a very difficult working life: he was in the RAF during the war, then worked in the motor trade, in various management positions, and was made redundant several times.

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Good Life Wife

Modern mid-life man has dreams. He has fantasies. For some it is still the perfect car but for an increasing number it’s the perfect porker – they lust over Readers’ Piglets rather than Meno-Porsche Monthly. My other half, Foodie, is a confirmed porco-phile and shows absolutely no enthusiasm for cars until we move from central London to deep Dorset at which point he develops a sudden, late-entry need to motor.

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Alex Lowery

Selection is at the heart of Alex Lowery’s way of painting. Elements of place are distilled, the image is reduced and concentrated. Mary Talbot meets the artist that gives the banal and ordinary a surprising beauty. Look at an Alex Read more »