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The Young Lit Fix

Freya’s Gold by Fiona Longmuir
Cover illustration by Carmi Grau
Published by Nosy Crow
Paperback £7.99
Reviewed by Nicky Mathewson

Freya lives with her Granny Kate in a seaside town called Edge, where together they run a popular B&B on the old boardwalk which boasts the best breakfast in town. The B&B is also their home and during the summer months when the town is buzzing with activity, their home is crammed full with happy, sandy, sun kissed families.

It’s now February and the atmosphere on the boardwalk in Edge couldn’t be more different. Gone are the crowds of people and in their place are rain clouds and sea mist. The B&B is empty but for one strange customer. A woman called Ms Oleander has arrived, with her suitcase and fake smile. There’s something about her that puts Freya on edge, but Granny Kate is happy for a customer out of season. It’s a hard business to run when you only get guests for half of the year and this is a fact that Ms Oleander wants to take advantage of.

She is proposing to buy the boardwalk and turn it into a modern beachside attraction which may sound great on paper, but there’s no room for a cosy B&B in her plans.

Freya loves puzzles and looking for treasure with her friend Lin, but this problem is going to take a lot of puzzling to figure out and they need to find more than the odd coin on the beach to save their home. Can they outsmart Ms Oleander and are the rumours of hidden pirate treasure true? Can Freya battle her inner anxiety and find the courage to take on her adversary? Maybe with the help of friends, anything is possible.
Suitable for readers age 8+

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