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Young Lit Fix – a ghost called corpse

A Girl Called Corpse By Reece Carter
Illustrations by Eleonora Asparuhova
Published by Usborne
Paperback £7.99
Review by Nicky Mathewson

Out to sea, near a town called Elston-Fright is a tiny island that nobody on the mainland can see. It’s not that it’s invisible, rather that it is instantly forgotten: The Rock-That-Doesn’t-Exist.
On this rock is a dusty, falling down shack and in this shack live 3 witches. What the witches don’t know is that they are not the only ones residing there.

It is also home to a ghost called Corpse.

Long ago the witches took something from Corpse. She has no idea what it was. She doesn’t remember anything about her life, not even her real name, but a visit from a mysterious old man ghost, changes all that.

He gives her a message from a supposed “friend” telling her of the treasure that was stolen and where she should start looking for it. Corpse doesn’t know how she is going to get off The-Rock-That-Doesn’t-Exist, but she is certain that finding this treasure will give her back her lost memories of her name, her life and her family.

Things aren’t that simple though, especially when you’re a ghost and there are 3 witches on your tail, but what does she have to lose?

This is a fabulously quirky, spooky, adventure which I thoroughly enjoyed. Great twists and turns to the plot and instantly likeable characters. It’s a must read for adventure and mystery fans aged 9+

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