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EditorialsUpFront March 2024

UpFront March 2024

Assessing our value to the world is something that many of us reflect on as we get older. From child to teen and adult to pensioner, we have all had some impact on the people around us and on the community in which we have lived­—regardless of what we might consider as our success in achieving life goals. As one who failed miserably to even set any life goals, I can only see a blur when I think back too far. So, as we launch our 300th issue of The Marshwood Vale Magazine and look back on what it may have contributed throughout those years, it’s somewhat inevitable that we ask the questions, ‘what have we achieved?’ and ‘what next?’ A long time ago I concluded that learning about someone’s life through a eulogy was heartbreakingly too late. Thus was born the idea for cover stories that allow people in our community to talk about their lives in their own words. For me, that has been a greater education than anything I could have imagined. Reading about the lives of local people; from farmers to writers, thatchers to teachers, actors to musicians and cleaners to conservationists has offered an insight into the extraordinary diversity of life in and around our community. And in some small way it has contributed to a legacy and a way to remember those who are part of it. Our support for all things local, along with coverage of environment, culture, the arts and local events has also helped to promote a rich vein of optimism and creativity. There have been many changes and challenges over the years that we have been publishing, but there still seems to be an appetite for what we do. So, to answer the question of ‘what next’? Well, more of the same, but also with some changes. Two different magazines—Marshwood+, our monthly online publication and The Marshwood Vale Magazine, now a quarterly print issue—will both carry on supporting and promoting our community. And to help us do that we have launched a Crowdfunder which readers can learn about and contribute to by visiting the web address at the top of this page. But as well as support, we would also like to hear from readers to learn what you want from this magazine in the future. Send us your thoughts, either by post to the address below or by email to

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