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EditorialsUpFront 04/22

UpFront 04/22

With so many tragic stories unfolding on the world stage, it seems slightly conflicting to talk about small local events. But after such a long period when communities were unable to come together, it also feels enormously positive that so many activities are emerging. From jumble sales to film festivals, these are all opportunities for people to come together, to talk, and especially to feel part of something again—and so many of these activities are also helping to assist others. Perhaps the current efforts to help those displaced by the conflict in Ukraine remind us that, with cold and insular activities continuing around the world there will always be people in need—and needs come in many guises. Two books mentioned in this issue highlight something that affects all communities. In Young Lit Fix (page 54), Nicky Mathewson reviews a book for teenagers called The Sad Ghost Club. The author, Lize Meddings has set up a website around her books and illustrations to spread positive awareness of mental health issues, especially for young people. At a time when we have all been impacted by massive upheaval, it is great to see initiatives offering understanding, especially when traditional assistance is overwhelmed. And here in the Marshwood Vale, the Pilsdon Community has also published a book that highlights kindness and caring (page 18). As a Community, it has been a huge benefit to people whose emotional state has made their lives difficult, especially when suffering anxiety and alienation within the traditional structures of modern society. Talking with Edith Bowman about her pick of films for Bridport’s Film Festival (page 42) she talked about how choices of entertainment depend on our emotional state at the time of choosing. Well, there’s no doubt that over the last few years emotional states have taken a beating. From Brexit to Covid to war in Ukraine, we are experiencing moments in history that are, to say the least, immense. However, despite that, the stories of people making time to help in so many different ways; whether raising money through local events, fundraising at larger gatherings, or helping organise aid packages are also extraordinary. They should be applauded and supported wherever possible.

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