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EditorialsUp Front 11/06

Up Front 11/06

A new campaign launched by students at Queen’s University offers a whole new slant to keeping the peace on the streets of Belfast. The SSHH! campaign, which stands for Silent Students Happy Homes, is aimed at encouraging students to reduce late night noise levels. It’s the latest in a series of initiatives aimed at promoting good relations in the University area of Belfast and the campaign will see a team of ‘Professional SSHHers’ promoting the key messages of: Keep Noise Levels Down at Night; Meet, Greet and Respect Your Community and Keep Your Street Litter Free. Sporting instantly recognisable SSHH! t-shirts, the SSHHers will be embarking on a series of novel promotional activities aimed at encouraging students to get on board with the campaign including a photographic ‘Strike a SSHH! Pose’ competition at the forthcoming Halloween Ball in the Students’ Union, the distribution of lollipops at the end of each evening’s entertainment and SSHH! Door Hangers. Michael Forde, Vice-President, Education, at Queen’s Students’ Union explained that the campaign is ‘fun with a serious message’. He went on to say: ‘We will also be offering our fellow students simple steps on how to help reduce noise late at night such as walking in smaller groups.’ Student life’s a blast isn’t it?

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