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EditorialsUp Front 04/06

Up Front 04/06

Recently I was reminded of a moment when my father picked up an apple and told me to make sure to wash it before I ate it. Prior to this, he had spotted the fact that lifestyles were changing, and that people didn’t seem to have the time to visit lots of different shops to fill the larder anymore. His brother, a shop owner, decided the logical step was to build what soon became known as a supermarket. That was nearly forty years ago and it wasn’t long before another company, today a household name in the supermarket world, expanded, and crushed that little venture. I wasn’t aware of it having a major impact on our lives but the apple moment always stuck in my mind – especially as my father had always pointed out that apples from our neighbour’s orchard were infinitely better than those available from the wholesaler. That little piece of knowledge had a long-lasting affect. Somehow I’m drawn to the need to sing the praises of the apples from my neighbour’s orchard, the pigs from the farmer down the road or the restaurant that makes you feel truly welcome. It is one of the reasons why this magazine launched the 2006 Food & Drink awards. On the back page of this issue we are asking readers to help the judges by singing the praises of those they feel deserve recognition, in two of the award categories. Although the final decisions will be with the judges, who will visit each establishment and test all products entered, the views of our readers are important to us and may even sway a judge’s decision – who knows…

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