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EditorialsUp Front 02/05

Up Front 02/05

There are around 34,000 words in this issue. The bulk of them make up the editorial content, which includes local comment as well as historical, entertainment and social interest. The range of subjects covered is varied and there is something for nearly everyone. Inevitably, with so many thousands of words, there will be some errors, both spelling and grammatical, which will no doubt be pounced upon by the academic perfectionist. Looking over these words however, and the legacy each writer leaves as part of the social documentary of our community, it is the message inherent in each article that must survive. Four days after our last issue was published, a close friend and colleague of one of our contributors was killed in the Tsunami that we now know as one of the worst natural disasters of our time. Antonia Johnson was moved to ponder on the legacy left behind by her friend and colleague, garden designer Piers Simon from Somerset. It is a question we all address at some stage in our lives. In Piers’ case, he helped to create beauty from the earth he walked on and has left a legacy that many generations will be able to take comfort, inspiration and pleasure from. In their own way every individual lost in this terrible disaster will have touched a life and made a difference to at least their family or local community. For those who are now ‘all Tsunami’d out’ it must be worth reflecting for a moment on what small thing of beauty we can do in our lives that can give comfort, inspiration or pleasure to the world we leave behind.

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