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EditorialsUp Front 11/02

Up Front 11/02

There certainly appears to be an international flavour to this months issue, from TC Evans’s fascinating insight into the African adventures of Dorset artists, to grim memories of the First World War in France, as researched by Dr John Dearlove – appropriate as we approach Remembrance Day. As usual there is much to see and do, with African parties and lectures on Himalayan adventures keeping up the international focus.
There is nothing particularly new about international connections to our community but the sheer scale of the area’s reach was brought home recently at the presentation to the winners of The Bridport Prize, in Bridport Town Hall. Known in literary circles simply as, ‘The Bridport’, The Bridport Prize is a hugely successful and much respected poetry and prose competition, which was set up nearly three decades ago to help fund the Bridport Arts Centre. This year it received over 8,500 entries from a staggering 54 countries. As writers stood to accept the applause and their winnings, the names of the past Mayors of Bridport made a striking backdrop. How many could have dreamed just how international their town would become.
As we battle to keep up with the inevitable complexities, that change and cultural interaction bring about, it is often the little things that surprise. The tooth fairy visited our house last night and left a pound coin under a pillow. It wasn’t quite as shiny as the sixpence that I remember, and I thought the excitement was muted. I wonder what the reaction would be if the tooth fairy delivers a Euro next time. At least it’s two-tone.

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