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EditorialsUp Front 09/02

Up Front 09/02

Apologies for the lack of editorial last month. I have to assume that confirmation of the impending arrival of child number four… simply left me speechless. Right drained the last drop of ink from my digital pen it did. However – with a new found spring in my step, I can’t help but look forward to all that this vibrant community throws open to the world around us this month. West Dorset’s Melplash Show stormed back onto the map with a new secretary and a powerful determination to prove the value of the traditional country show. A wide range of excellent local food tempted visitors and residents alike to value our local producers. Hot on its heels, we look forward to the Dorchester Show next month, when the County Town offers up its best, with also a new secretary and nose to the grindstone by all involved. Art still plays a major part of our wider community with the start of Somerset Art Week and Nine Days of Art in Devon. The Thomas Hardy Country Tour will wend its colourful way through towns and villages in the middle of the month, highlighting the wealth of architectural and colourful heritage enjoyed by all that find themselves drawn to this special place. Dorset Architectural Heritage Week offers the opportunity to visit local places of interest also and Humphrey Walwyn has some interesting ideas on new modes of transport that could be sponsored by The Marshwood Vale Magazine.

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