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Andrew Logan

Selecting exhibitors in the Sculpture category for The Marshwood Arts Awards and John Hubbard Prize, Andrew Logan spoke to Fergus Byrne

When evaluating submissions for this year’s Marshwood Arts Award ‘Sculpture’ category, Andrew Logan sums up what he is looking for in one word—‘Soul’. Of course the precise definition of ‘soul’ is not something that is easy to pin down, but we can be sure that authenticity and work that elicits an emotional response are likely to feature in his choices. On top of that, if Andrew’s personality is anything to go by, sculptors entering will know that he is as much attracted to fun and originality as he is to craftsmanship.

Best known for his unique and eclectic style and primarily known for his work in sculpture, Andrew is also known for his wonderful jewellery design and painting. His sculpture and ‘wearable sculpture’ often incorporate found objects and materials like mirrors, glass, and jewels. He believes in the transformative power of art and aims to create work that inspires joy and celebration.

Andrew believes the role of art today is ‘to make the world a better place’ and says that his greatest achievement to date is ‘to make people smile and to inspire others.’ Citing his Cosmic Egg as one of his most meaningful pieces, he describes it as ‘a universal symbol of the life principle.’ The 12 foot sculpture was originally commissioned by the Greater London Council to represent ‘peace’ for their annual Easter Parade in Battersea Park in 1983.
Made of polystyrene, resin, glass and glitter, the Egg required a team of three people to build and the original can be seen at the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture in Berriew in Wales.

One of the benefits Andrew sees of initiatives like The Marshwood Arts Awards is the joy of working with and meeting other artists and ‘being able to chat.’

Andrew is also the founder of the ‘Alternative Miss World’ pageant, which he launched in 1972. An eccentric and inclusive event it challenges the norms of traditional beauty pageants, celebrating individuality and creativity. The pageant has grown into a legendary event, attracting participants from all walks of life and inspiring other alternative beauty competitions around the world. After a break due to Covid, Andrew says another event is planned on the theme of Gaia—‘when and where to be decided!’

Three artists/makers are chosen from each category to exhibit in a mixed exhibition at the Allsop Gallery in Bridport, from 14 October – 4 November 2023. Entry deadline – August 18, 2023. To submit an entry visit

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