Six at the Flix

Bridport Arts Centre
Klokkenluider (2022)

“A darkly comic thriller celebrates those who fly under the radar.” The Standard. Charlotte O’Sullivan.

The Electric Palace Bridport
Mean Girls (2024)

“Get ready to be obsessed with Mean Girls! They update the script and weave in music from the Broadway show perfectly…Songs are top tier and musical numbers feel like you’re stepping into each character’s brain.” Pop Culture Planet. Kirsten Maldonado.

BBC iPlayer Films
Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948)

“Fontaine plays it beautifully. There are shades of her character in Rebecca here—a trusting younger woman, a mysterious older man. But unlike Maxim in Rebecca, here Stefan never redeems himself—he is the callous cad the audience always knew him to be.” Golden Age of Hollywood. Melanie Novak.

Bringing Up Baby. (1938)
“Hawks, one of the greatest American film-makers…..This, his finest comedy, was the first of five movies with Cary Grant and his only one with Katherine Hepburn.” The Guardian. Philip French

Tetris. (2023)

“Tetris is a fantastic look at the story behind the rights to one of the most popular games ever…” Slash Film. Rafael Motomayor.

Disney +
Turning Red (2022)

“A story of magical transformation as a metaphor for personal and cultural change, Turning Red (from Bao director Domee Shi) is Pixar’s funniest and most imaginative film in years.” IGN. Siddhant Adlakha.