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EditorialsUpFront December 2023

UpFront December 2023

While it is true that our standard of living has significantly improved in the last century, many of us still long for the simplicity of the past. Here in the Marshwood Vale, we enjoy beautiful coast and countryside; stunning landscapes, rolling hills, and picturesque villages that capture the essence of the West Country’s culture. The timeless beauty of our local communities has always provided a vibrant backdrop for photography, as well as a rich source of local cultural and historical stories. Through these traditions and customs, we have learned about the deep-rooted connections between the people and the land, as well as the resilience and resourcefulness of rural communities. One of the features in this issue is a look back on the life of the late Ron Frampton, a local man who started his career as a motor engineer but went on to develop a passion for photography and social history. Ron coordinated dozens of articles on local people, places, and the history of the area. These stories offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of rural life in the West Country. They also serve as a reminder of the intrinsic value of our natural and cultural heritage, offering a sense of grounding and appreciation for the simple yet profound aspects of life that have endured throughout the ages. In the coming months, we will explore ways to broaden our coverage of the social history of our wider communities, including looking back on some of the many features that we have run over the last twenty-one years. And while many technological advancements have been rightly criticized for speeding up our lives and making it harder to keep up with rapid changes, we will continue to embrace modernity and progress. However, we will use it to help preserve the beauty and cultural significance of our communities. As part of this effort, we will be improving access to our expanded magazine, Marshwood+, while renovating and repositioning our printed magazine. To stay informed about our coverage of local culture and history and our increasing consideration of the environment, please email us at with the subject line ‘More Marshwood,’ and we will ensure you receive updates on all new features. In the meantime, we wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

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