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UpFront Oct 23

Working with artists and makers over the years while they choose exhibitors for the Marshwood Arts Awards exhibition has always been a joy. Artists such as John Hubbard, Philip Sutton, Tom Hammick and Dave White, sculptors like Emily Young and David Worthington, photographers such as Roger Mayne, Brian Griffin and Matilda Temperley and applied artists including John Makepeace and Harriet Wallace-Jones are just a few of the many professional creatives that have voluntarily given their time to help produce what is always a fascinating exhibition. What always stands out for me is their willingness to contribute to and promote the industry that they work in. This year, working with Sir Don McCullin, Kate Malone MBE, Mike Kus, Fru Tholstrup and Andrew Logan has been no different. Over the last couple of weeks, seeing them choose exhibitors for the show which opens at Bridport Arts Centre in October has been both fascinating and an honour. The combined efforts of both selectors and those selected never fails to bring a sense of hope and a lifting of the spirit. Kate Malone is again working on a campaign to allow thousands of young people to enjoy the benefits of pottery. Using the strapline; ‘The makers of today supporting the makers of tomorrow’ the ‘Firedup4’ charity project provides pottery studios, equipment and training at OnSide Youth Zones around the country. Instigated and led by Kate and now in its third year, the project was born from a passionate belief in the transformative power of creativity and its invaluable therapeutic benefits for the young. Kate believes that ‘every child, rich or poor, has potential within them’ and points out the value that creativity can bring to other subjects. ‘Creativity and hand skills need not make a world of artists’ she says. ‘It can make well-rounded individuals who can be creative in all subjects and feel empowered by the ability to create.’ By raising money to open pottery studios in youth zones she wants to help develop an environment where the opportunity to create can ‘draw out the spark that’s there within every child.’ To learn more visit

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