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EditorialsUp Front 10/13

Up Front 10/13

At an exhibition earlier this year a gentleman approached me and said how much he liked our magazine, however he did want to point out how it really irked him that we never printed the occasional rants he sent to us about local issues. “But I understand why” he went on to explain. “Your magazine is all about people and place, it’s not about news—there are plenty of newspapers out there giving voice to local issues.” He explained further. “People, their legacy and the place that they have lived in will be around for a lot longer than the local issues they face in their lifetime” he said. “The issues will eventually pass and be replaced by new problems, but the people, the memories of their lives and the community they have lived in will, one hopes, still be there for their children and grandchildren.” He made a valid point, and though I feel giving a voice to local issues is also vitally important, I appreciated what he said. A little later as he walked away he turned with a smile and said: “But it still p*** me off that you don’t print my letters…” Well this issue doesn’t have one of his letters but it does represent the thirteen year anniversary of the publication of this magazine. That thought set me off on what became an emotional trawl through back issues, launching many memories. Memories of the hundreds of people and places that have been profiled on these pages over the years and memories of local events: food festivals, walks, fetes, talks, gardening clubs, rambling clubs, music clubs, sewing clubs, recitals, workshops, literary festivals, art exhibitions—the list is endless. Thousands upon thousands of local events have been promoted over the last thirteen years and this month, following on from our Photography, Food, Community and Poetry Awards in past years, we have opened the exhibition of those chosen to exhibit their work in this year’s Arts Awards. (see page 59). If you get a chance to visit Bridport Arts Centre before the exhibition closes on November 23, please do so. It is another reason why highlighting what is good about a community has its own unique value.

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