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EditorialsUp Front 02/07

Up Front 02/07

Selling newspapers on the back of celebrity misery is nothing new. Whether the tabloid need to drag someone though the mud for falling over outside a pub is a reflection of what society is really interested in, or whether it is something that tabloids have created will continue to be debated. But all too often it eclipses the good that many people do. This month we have an interview with singer/songwriter Billy Bragg whose involvement with the Rosetta Life project and breast cancer victim Maxine Edgington is just one of the heart warming stories that did get some coverage. On February 24th, Award winning actor Aidan Dooley is to stage his outstanding one-man show free of charge in support of St Margaret’s Somerset Hospice, at a fundraising evening at Sherbourne School. We are fortunate that many of our local celebrities, though they may not like to be referred to as such, continue to help and support so many local causes. This month we are launching our Community Awards 2007 (page 15), where we hope to help highlight the work being done in the local community by some of those that don’t have the luxury of press coverage. We look forward over the coming months to hearing from readers throughout South Somerset, East Devon and West Dorset about individuals and organisations that are helping to build a better community for us all to share.

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