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EditorialsUp Front 01/03

Up Front 01/03

It’s that time of year again. Dean Martin is crooning about Rudolph in the sitting room, Slade are making merry in the kitchen and S club Juniors are stirring up an awful racket upstairs. The occasional shriek bounces from a bedroom as sellotape and little fingers do battle with Christmas wrapping paper. Homemade decorations hang from midway between the ceiling and the floor – the perfect height for those that made them. A wood fire crackles in the fireplace and shadows dance across the wall, as fairy lights twinkle on the Christmas tree. Lists – some more than a little optimistic – have been sent up the fireplace to Father Christmas and there is still the occasional furtive scurry with a strange plastic bag – the one that mysteriously appeared on top of the wardrobe recently. Someone mentions Christmas Eve and the place erupts into a blur of squealing children, bouncing around the kitchen at breakneck speed, sporting an extraordinary collection of glitter and tinsel. It seems that all the preparations are made, well mostly – amazing that someone forgot the Brussels sprouts! Can’t think how that happened… Anyway, it’s Christmas time and all is well with the world. Well it’s not really but we can wish can’t we. So we’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope that Dipsy, LaLa and all the other great teletubbies around the world, make some sensible New Year’s resolutions this year.

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