The British, regrettably, have an awkward relationship with Spanish charcuterie. We demonstrate a gulf of misunderstanding that matches that of our most notorious Torquay hotelier to his eager Spanish waiter, a relationship that played out on our screens at the Read more »

The Carrot Crunch

Whilst some may battle with a triffid-like harvest of weeds and vegetables, Simon Ford emerges unscathed from his vegetable garden and wonders how the economic downturn is affecting those that pioneered the sale of local veg. Anyone who grows veg Read more »

The Bread Line

Nominated for another BAFTA for his documentary, Coppers, Simon Ford turns his attention to our daily bread. We are undergoing a quiet revolution in our bread eating habits. Some of us are beginning to cast off the tyranny of the Read more »


Known for his campaigning approach to making films that tell it like it really is, with programmes as diverse as Jamie Oliver’s American Road Trip to The Secret Policeman, double BAFTA award-winning television producer, Simon Ford, takes just as keen Read more »