Wren Franklin

Robin Mills went to Longburton, near Sherborne, to meet Wren Franklin. This is his story. “I grew up in the Winterbourne valley, between Winterbourne Whitechurch and Winterbourne Stickland. My father put the roof back on a pair of derelict keeper’s Read more »

Up Front 07/13

I grew up in a small village where it was normal to say hello to anyone we passed in the street, even those we didn’t know. People nodded, smiled, exchanged pleasantries, and if they knew each other chatted about family and friends. More often than not the weather was mentioned and a friendly ‘good luck’ might have ended the conversation. As I grew older and moved to a city it soon became clear that saying hello to a complete stranger would be met with suspicion, especially by those that hadn’t known the pleasure to be gained from friendly social interaction.

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