Sibyl King

'I have loved Dorset from the first moment that I arrived. I was 25 and had never been abroad before. Each new sight and sound was a puzzle, nothing worked like I thought it would from the public telephones which just seemed to eat coins, to the place names like Scratchy Bottom and Dancing Ledge. So how did a girl from Pittsburgh end up in lovely Dorset and on the cover of this quintessentially English magazine? I often wonder that myself. I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an industrial town that centres around three ...

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Eric Harwood

'As a Scally-lad growing up round the corner from Priscilla White (aka Cilla Black) in the back-to-back terraced houses of Everton in gritty, post-war 1960s Liverpool, I never imagined I would bring my own kids up in the idyllic rolling hills of Dorset on the shores of the Jurassic Coast. Aged five, in the Siberian Winter of 1963, our mid-Victorian terrace house was probably more like something from the 1930s. That “wicked” Winter, every house in our cobbled street had their lead pipes frozen solid: we all collected water from a ...

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Louisa Adjoa Parker

My Dad came from Accra, Ghana, to study nursing in the UK. He and my Mum, who is white British, got engaged not long after their first date, much to the disapproval of Mum’s parents. They opposed the marriage because of the cultural differences as they saw it. However, much to my Mum’s delight they turned up at the wedding, and totally accepted us kids when we arrived, although they were worried for us with good reason, because life was sometimes going to be tough. I was born in 1972, the ...

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Peter Vernon

'I was born in Cheshire in 1955 and we moved to Corscombe in Dorset in 1960. I remember the really hard winter of 1962-1963 starting on boxing day right through to February. We were totally snowed in, we cut doorways through drifts and saw cars abandoned on the roads. People were ice skating on Sutton Bingham reservoir near Yeovil. My father worked in Yeovil as a Social Security Officer, mother was at home with me and my brother Paul who was 5 years older than me. Then we moved to West ...

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Candida Dunford Wood

'I have always loved my Greek—or strictly speaking Vlach—heritage. Every woman on my mother’s side of our family has a gold arm bangle, and when I decided to remove it for reasons of security when I went to live abroad, this felt like more than a physical separation. My father, Peter, was reserved, and very dedicated to his work. He and his brother were dispatched to England from Hong Kong for their education at the ages of five and seven. From that time until they were in their late teens they ...

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