Up Front 10/04

I once had a primary school teacher who had a unique method of dealing with classroom hygiene. When he detected an unsavoury odour in the room he would direct his ‘trained’ henchmen to move slowly around the classroom sniffing the shoulders of all the pupils.

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Margaret Wall

Margaret Wall is a photographer specializing in black and white, producing her images using classic cameras and traditional hand-printing. Born and brought up in London, Margaret has lived in the West Country for over 30 years. After studying sculpture at Read more »

Up Front 08/04

The Prime Minister may be surprised by a recent report from a West Midlands historian, that ‘binge drinking’ is not exactly a new phenomenon. While Tony Blair announced recently that binge drinking risks becoming the ‘new British Disease’, historian Angela McShane-Jones points out that the practice actually began in the 1660s.

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Michael Walton

A resident of Beer in East Devon, Michael Walton was born in London, in 1932. He went to a school founded by his mother, in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. When Michael was eight, he heard a reading of a letter written by Read more »

Ron Frampton

Ron Frampton has spent a lifetime living and working in his native West Country – on the Dorset, Devon and Somerset borders. He was born in a game-keeper’s cottage at Courshay, Hawkchurch, on the western edge of the Marshwood Vale Read more »

Up Front 07/04

A young design student at Northumbria University has come up with a novel way to monitor how tired footballers are while playing a game. David Evans, from Woodley in Cheshire, has created a shirt which has in-built pulse and sweat monitors that alert managers to players’ heart rate and hydration levels.

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